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flomation Asked: Could you write a profile for Moran?

Well…Sebastian Moran is not a canon character on BBC Sherlock yet.

Theoretically, one may attempt to write a profile of him using information from Conan Doyle’s original portrayal (except that would really suck because he shows up extremely little and Doyle was not exactly a master of character development), or one can use fanon portrayals, except the issue with that is the undeniable fact that fanon portrayals vary quite widely and are also, as the name suggests, not canon, and therefore not accurate, and accuracy is something that I really value when it comes to writing things that are as delicate and subjective as psychological profiles.

So, the answer is no, sorry. I am personally not going to write a profile for Moran until he becomes a canon character on BBC Sherlock, which most likely (or at least hopefully) will occur in Series 3, and even then I would probably wait until I know enough about him to attempt it. But who knows, maybe in the meantime someone else will write him up a profile, or perhaps someone already has.

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But it’s as inscrutable as your mind.

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greglestrads Asked: your blog is so wonderful, intelligent, amazing!! i really love your psychoanalysis and your edits are brilliant! :) you're so talented!! and now just let me reblog everything xD your edits really deserve more notes, they look like a lot of work and have i already said that they're fantastic? :D

Thank you very much, I’m glad the work I put into this blog is as rewarding to others as it is to me.

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Jim Moriarty - Hiiiiii!

My very long confession/analysis of Jim pretty much similar to your’s except I decided to label him with a couple of psychiatric illnesses too. 

What exactly is wrong with Mr Moriarty?

I’ve always thought of him as evil but for the first time I look at Mr Moriarty from a medical perspective.

Is he mentally ill?

And if so, what does he have and how did he become this way?

Reblog if you like it! Reasonable comments welcome. 

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Prove me wrong, ordinary Sherlock. Prove that you’re not like them. I want you to prove that you know the truth, thatwe are one and the same, in both life and in death. Prove that you’re not ordinary, convince me.

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I know you’re dead. I know you’re only human. I’ve always known that, even when it seemed like you didn’t.

And I know you’re never coming back.

Because these are facts and they can’t be changed, and I know that. But I don’t believe it. Because there’s a difference between knowing and believing.

I know you’re dead, Sherlock. But I don’t believe it.

I believe in you, and I will wait for you.

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Alright, I know that I have been largely absent for the past, well, long time, and also that I’ve been making more text posts than I usually do, but here is some final important information.

I sort of changed this blog. Not in terms of appearance, but of content and focus. There will still be confessions, of course, and the psychological profiles are still relatively the same, but I have changed the intention of the blog from being mostly about the stuff I make to being about the stuff you make.

You being the followers

You can read more about this in the new About page I created.

You may have noticed that I, as I mentioned in a previous post, deleted every edit of mine on this blog that is not a confession, and then relocated it to my personal blog. This is part of the change. I don’t want this blog to function as my personal Sherlock blog, which is basically what it was before, I want to use this blog to entertain and inform other fans of Sherlock on Tumblr that are interested in psychology and its connections with this show. Essentially, I want this blog to be for you.

You may notice that I follow back everyone who follows me, and the reason why is because I know how brilliant and creative so many of you are, and I can see it on my dash every day, and because of this I encourage you to share your ideas and opinions and knowledge, so if you can, please take this opportunity to read the about page and submit to Sherlock Character Confessions.

Thank you to all my followers, and I’ll get back to posting confessions soon.

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There is clarity in loneliness. To feel nothing is to know everything, to love no one is to see everyone for who they really are.

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If you have not noticed already, I’ve reblogged and changed the source of nearly every edit on this blog that is not a confession. Those have all been relocated to my personal blog.

I’ve decided to delete all posts on this blog that are off topic (not having to do with psychology, Sherlock, confessions, or this blog).

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Apologies for my recent absence…I spent the last week in Tokyo, which I mentioned on my personal blog, but not on here. I may post some stuff later. Submissions would be really helpful…however, I usually don’t receive any, which is disappointing because I know that many of my followers are a lot more intelligent and insightful than I am (I know this because I have been on your blogs) and could probably come up with some amazing confessions, so please submit.

Also, I currently have over 350 followers, which, in the grand scheme of tumblr, isn’t very much, but it certainly is to me. So a massive, massive thank you to all of you.

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Sometimes, yes. But not often. Not anymore.

To care — that is an enormous risk. To care is to put yourself in a position of vulnerability, to increase greatly the possibility of pain or betrayal. Sentiment clouds logic, love impedes judgment, and heart will always win the battle with head, if you give it the chance.

So don’t. Perhaps there is something wrong with us. But whatever it may be, we are better off with it than without it.


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It’s okay if you hurt me sometimes, Sherlock, or forget me sometimes, because my job isn’t really to be your friend. You already have one of those, and a person like you wouldn’t need another. I suppose my job is to just…to just be there for you whenever you do need me.

I’d do anything for you, and of course you already know that, but sometimes I don’t think you really believe it. When I say anything, I mean anything.


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fiertedevivre-deactivated201302 Asked: your blog left me speechless. *-*

In a good way, I hope. 

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